Sunday, July 13, 2008

Stop Gang Stalking flyer


Gang stalking (also called "group stalking," "terrorist stalking," "vigilante stalking," "organized stalking," "community-based harassment," and "cause stalking") is a total-assault paradigm, a parallel "justice system." It is carried out by right-wing hate-extremist groups. The gang stalking paradigm includes (but is not limited to):

  • verbal threats

  • pets are killed.

  • physical assault

  • derogatory name calling

  • harassing emails and phone calls

  • mail is stolen, damaged, or delayed.

  • residences and vehicles are vandalized.

  • the stalkers commit crimes and blame them on the target.

  • targets are harassed while driving, and vehicles are sabotaged.

  • the same harassment happens every day, day after day, year after year.

  • a large group of stalkers, each of whom does a portion of the stalking-attacks

  • black and white patrol cars, fire dept. vehicles, and taxis follow the target around.

  • persistence: the stalkers follow the target as he/she moves to other cities or states.

  • some law enforcement officers and firefighters participate in the stalking-harassment.

  • the stalkers use lies, money, and intimidation to get nongroup members to attack the target.

  • goals: Identify, Vilify, Nullify, and Destroy the target: from "Cause Stalking" by David Lawson

  • many of the attacks are synchronized to happen precisely as the target does something, e.g. leaves his/her residence.

  • 24 hour surveillance, every day. Among other things, the stalkers, working in shifts, sit in their vehicles parked around the target's residence.

  • disinformation: stalkers will present themselves as gang-stalking victims and make bizarre claims to discredit other victims and mislead the publlic.

  • "street theater": staged skits designed to frighten and upset the target. In aggressive versions, the target is physically assaulted while the other stalkers act as "witnesses."

  • "slander campaign": the foundation of gs. The stalkers go to everyone the target interacts with (family members, coworkers, neighbors, etc) and spread lies: that the target is a homosexual or a criminal of some type. This is an effective tactic because most people can't even imagine that a stranger would lie to them.

  • the stalkers present themselves as members of a "civic organization" which works with law enforcement and monitors terrorists or other criminals. The stalkers may use fake badges or fake "official files" to convince people that the target is a criminal.

  • "noise campaign": very frequent sounds (sirens, car alarms, beeping sounds, loud engine accelerations, loud booming sounds [from vehicles], etc) which follow the target everywhere.

  • the stalkers target people they see as not conforming with their version of "normality," homosexuals, members of "left-wing" (e.g. peace, civil rights, environmental) organizations, whistleblowers, people who live "alternative lifestyles" or have angered a member of the group, and "targets of opportunity."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are alot of good people who are totally unaware that this is going on. Keep up the fight. The biggest weapon you have is the truth and the light of day.

I am going to be blogging about this in the near future and your site has helped encourage my coverage of this.

I did want to mention that is not simply right-wing groups doing this. There are groups from all across the political spectrum and having all different motives for their efforts. Is it possible that greater powers are working the groups against each other? It is possible, this was done in Maoist China. The techniques of mobbing are not new so we have the historical case studies to work from.

So far I see the following ideologies at work: religious extremist groups, neo-nazi groups, extreme left groups (vigilante lefters), and possibly element of our own government. Since it is possible for those in government to have an agenda, it is possible for members of the police to be involved. What we are talking about is a layer of power in society that can subvert traditional forms of authority to its own ends. We might call it corruption, but it is this and more.


An Observer.

8:19 AM  
Blogger Mary Lou said...

My children and I have experienced every single one of the things you list here, and we've endured this for over 11 years now. I too blog about our experiences at "Victims Of Organized Crime In Central Texas" Ours is the nightmare that never ends.

10:47 PM  
Blogger John Burt said...

my vehicle was recently sabatoged, just bought it after being carless for a couple of years since my last vehicle was sabatoged.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Gary Burton said...

I have been a targeted individual for 10 years and it always makes me feel better when I find a website that is describing the truth about gang stalking and NOT spreading disinformation to make us TI's look like a bunch of crazies. Someday the Perps and all those involved will be brought to justice and we can have our lives back.Who will deliver that justice? Keep telling the truth and pray to your God.

5:46 PM  

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