Monday, January 09, 2012

Quotes from "Cause Stalking"

From Front Cover:

Cause Stalking

1. Identify
2. Vilify
3. Nullify
4. Destroy

Cause Stalking is performed by anti-government and other extremist groups. It can involve hundreds of stalkers waging a harassment campaign against a single target. Not all victims are their enemies. They also select targets of opportunity.

From the Back Cover:

Cause Stalking is also referred to as gang stalking. It is a creepy world of smoke and mirrors. This is the first book to discuss this subject, which affects thousands of victims. The author is a Private Investigator who has worked cause stalking cases.

From page 5:

People in the group would discuss where they would go for supper, after their shift was over, so I went too. I listened to a group of people openly discussing various operations as if they were the police. Real police officers were also sitting in the restaurant, listening to them. I later learned that their presence was not a coincidence.

One man who had supper with the group drove a van marked with the call letters of a local AM radio station. I started listening to it. Most of the guests had new revelations about Waco or Ruby Ridge, or had some inside story about government corruption. It is called hate radio. I also heard advertisements for the meetings of a local political group, and I attended some.

At the first meeting I attended, one young man flashed a phony police badge at me. No one paid any attention. Some of those in attendance were the people I had seen in the local restaurant. This was my introduction to the creepy world of anti-government extremists.

From pages 10 (slightly) &11 (completely) &12 (slightly):

They [some of the stalkers/recruits] are cable, telephone, and electric company employees who can interfere with a target's service and spend time on patrol with the group, while they are on the job.

Firemen across the country, and even some police officers, support these groups. Fire trucks can sometimes be seen riding in extremist convoys, with their flashing lights turned on and their sirens screaming their support. They have been seen racing to greet a convoy which is entering their town. The participation of firemen, city workers, and utility company workers helps give group members an illusion of legitimacy and power. Any support offered is by individuals, and not by entire departments.

Most active group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group, but they don't particularly care. They are having fun with their friends and that fun involves stalking and harassing various targets and engaging in other civil disobedience. They believe that they are justified in engaging in these activities because of the "higher purpose" of the group. For some, group activities offer a way to their own redemption.

Many groups pay for the gas of those who "ride" with them. Guns are not allowed and they must have proper ID and insurance.


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pay for the gas? proper id and insurance? how ironic.

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